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Inner Senses

Inner Senses began with the curiosity to source nature’s finest ingredients together with a passion to share. To embrace the simple things and value nature and everything that it has to offer. The techniques harness the therapeutic nature of the oils and share their positive values, ensuring that they remain pure, natural and free from artificial additives by personally sourcing the most innovative and ethical ingredients.

All of Inner Senses plant based products are personally hand blended in the UK.

Meet Lisa Basso

“Inspiration can be found in so many different parts of your life, we seek it out and crave it to help us on our journey. My inspiration came over 25 years ago, when my curiosity luckily brought me to the only book in our local library about the ancient tradition of Aromatherapy.”

Lisa completed her first degree in Aromatherapy in 1992 and continued her journey by teaching and sharing her knowledge. Wanting to expand her experience beyond the UK, she had the opportunity to teach and spread the word of Aromatherapy on the white shores of Barbados. Living on a farm whilst teaching, she embraced nature, attending the Jasmine plants and Aloe Vera that grew in its grounds. From this developed an understanding of the ingredients and importance of their provenance. 

Lisa has been recognised as an award-winning author and invitational guest speaker at leading industry events.

Alongside this, she has also been personally hand blending pure plant-based and natural Aromatherapy wellbeing and beauty products. This is how Inner Senses began.

Pictures and text (adapted) from Inner Senses.

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