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Beautiful Skin and Calm Mind

Flower and Spice

Flower and Spice began as – and remains – a labor of love for the human body and the planet. Karmen Novak created each formula from the beginning to the end to ensure the highest level of efficacy and well-being. The products are formulated in the Netherlands, then dermatologically tested and flawlessly blended with the utmost precision in the high-end Swiss natural cosmetic laboratories. Every product meets the highest physical, chemical, and microbiological quality standards but remains 100% natural.

Meet the Founder

I’m Karmen Novak, art lover, science enthusiast, skincare formulator and founder of Flower and Spice.

My Journey to Flower and Spice:

I decided to stop working in the stressful environment I had known for the last decade and a half and to forge a new path that included a passion of mine from a young age: a calm, green lifestyle, surrounded by the flowers I loved and the herbs and spices that I loved to experiment with while cooking.
After studying organic skincare science at UK-based Formula Botanica— the leading accredited Organic Cosmetic Science School—I fell deeply in love with natural skincare and its overwhelming benefits. I saw firsthand the soft, glowing, calm skin that was a result of using only natural and organic ingredients.

My Star:
Midnight Beauty was the inspiration for launching Flower and Spice. While studying organic science, I began experimenting with different oils on my skin, creating one particular blend which I fell in love with due to its gentle, natural scent. However, what I found even more captivating than the way it smelled, was how it improved the look and feel of my skin! After years of using all sorts of products, I finally discovered the secret to waking up with a petal soft, deeply hydrated and smooth complexion. I knew then that this blend was the start of something special – and that I wanted to share this Midnight Beauty with you.

Pictures and text (adapted) from Flower and Spice.

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