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Vegan beauty supplements made from the highest quality plant extracts from traditional European herbalism.

Herbs have been used in all situations of life for several thousand years. Humans saw themselves as part of nature and were in touch with its diversity and abundance. Today, we are moving further and further away from it. At the same time, herbs and medicinal plants can help our body, our soul and also our skin to come into balance. We would like to go back to nature and bring the power of plants and herbs back into our modern everyday life.


ABE.’s innovative concept combines the benefits of traditional European herbalism with the latest research findings. Together with dermatologists and nutritionists, they have developed purely herbal beauty supplements that optimally support the metabolic phases and work exactly when your skin and body need them.


The biorhythm of your skin

We have developed our holistic and innovative 2-phase skin food concept for optimal results, taking into account the natural biorhythm.

Our entire body is influenced by the biorhythm, our inner clock. In the course of the day and night, our skin also goes through different phases of metabolic functions. To optimally accompany these natural processes, we have developed our ABE. Skin-Food-Beauty supplements specifically to the individual needs of the skin, which differ during the day and at night:

During the day, Balance Beauty supports the natural active metabolic processes and helps protect against daily environmental influences. At night, when the cell renewal processes and the regeneration of the skin are running at full speed, Ageless Beauty optimally reinforces the natural processes with high doses of hyaluron, Q10 and potent plant-based active ingredients.

100% vegan & made in Germany.

In harmony with nature –
in harmony with the biorhythm.
Every day.


Meet the Founders

ABE. Founders

ABE. Skin Food was founded by Andrea and Till Becker in Hamburg. After years of studying yoga, meditation and healthy nutrition, the two developed a concept for supplements together with dermatologists and nutritionists that combines plant extracts from traditional European herbal teachings with the latest research findings.

With ABE. Skin Food focuses on a holistic approach that takes into account the biorhythm and supports the body’s natural processes – during the day and at night. This has resulted in innovative vegan formulas for a radiant complexion, based on a unique 2-phase concept.

All ingredients are carefully selected, of tested quality and purity. The supplements are manufactured in Germany and of course sustainably packaged in recyclable materials.


Pictures and text (adapted) from ABE.

mooi’s 5 questions to ABE.


3 Words that describe your brand/business

Holistic Skin Food


Favourite ritual

Our daily yoga practice. After a long day, it allows us to calm down, restore creativity and balance.


Product you can’t live without

Rose water – my all-rounder. As a facial toner after cleansing, in combination with facial oil or in between as a moisture kick – and the scent is divine!

And of course we love our beauty skin foods ‘balance beauty’ and ‘ageless beauty’. They offer everything you need for radiant, plump, firm and smooth skin – better hair and nails included. They are our daily go-to products for holistic and healthy ageing from within.


 Best part of your work

The most beautiful part of our work is to bring traditional monastic knowledge back into everyday life: Medicinal herbs, monastic medicine, rituals and methods. We reinterpret this knowledge, see what is proven and relate it to the skin. We always try to understand nature as a whole in harmony with ourselves.

But still, the most grateful part of our work is the feedback we get from our customers every day. It inspires and empowers us to research for new products and just makes us happy.


Favourite place

By the sea. We love the rough North Sea, with its stormy waves, forming clouds, rough wind und its endless horizon. Here, like in no other place, we feel the connection to nature and recharge our batteries. 

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