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Make the most of this restorative season


Autumn is the season in which we increasingly seek warmth, comfort and light. There is something healing about autumn, it is a period of immense transformation and retreat. Therefore it is a beautiful time to turn inward, reflect and benefit from the season’s restorative quality.

We have gathered some suggestions for how you can may make the most of this time for your retreat and yourself.

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Our 5 tips for a beautiful autumn

Write or journal
Keeping a journal or writing down your thoughts helps to reflect and manifest what is important for you. Especially in transformative times, it is super helpful to remember what you value, what you achieved and what you would like to focus on. At the same time it is a great way to practice gratitude which helps in times when we might feel low and are missing the ease of summer. 

Get outside and enjoy the magical autumn light
The shorter the days get, the more important it is, to get out in the fresh air and expose your body to day light. Enjoy the low sun with its magical autumn light, that lets everything glow golden. Have a walk in the crisp morning air and soak up the beautiful colours of nature before starting your work. 

It is normal that times of transformation and less natural light make us feel more vulnerable. Research has shown that aromatherapy can influence the mood and wellbeing. Lavender for instance can improve mood and lessen anxiety. Citrus essential oils can help you to feel more energised. Eucalyptus has a stimulating effect and works wonders when you have a cold coming as it helps to open the airways. Cedarwood helps to soothe the mind and body and has grounding properties. These are some of our favourites for autumn.

Declutter and reorganise
After enjoying all summer outside, we will now be spending a lot of our time indoors. Decluttering the home always has something liberating and makes our space more enjoyable. Combine it with a donation if you can, to make it even more meaningful.

Pamper yourself
There are few things that make you relax as quickly as turning your skincare routine into an indulging home spa experience. Run a bath, put on a face mask and a hair treatment, grab your favourite read and enjoy that quiet time just to yourself. And yes, lock your kids, phone or pet out of the bathroom.


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