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As we have been conditioned to believe that only what foams is truly cleansing, a lot of people prefer foamy cleansers also for their face. But anyone with sensitive, dry and even breakout prone skin should give oil cleansing a try. Yes, it seems strange but harsh cleansing can destroy your skin‘s natural barrier and make it more prone to inflammation. Oil has the ability to attach to unwanted, imbalanced sebum, remove dirt and impurities and thoroughly remove makeup, SPF and pollution without drying your skin.


Getting to enjoy Oil Cleansing

Even though I knew it was the most important step in the evening routine, cleansing was my least preferred part in my beauty routine. But since I made the oil cleansing a ritual, it has become my favourite part of my evening beauty routine. I started my oil cleansing journey with a very light cleansing oil, that could just be washed off. I was too lazy to use a wash cloth every night and loved that it did not leave any oily residue. After a while, I started to try different cleansing oils and also incorporated the use of a towel or wash cloth which has the advantage that the cloth has a mild exfoliating effect.


How I oil cleanse:
  1. I add 2-3 pumps of cleansing oil into the palm of my hand, warm it briefly by rubbing my palms together and then apply it to the dry face and neck inhaling the scent of the oil
  2. I then massage the oil into the skin in circular movements and try to do this for at least a minute as the oil really should get into the pores
  3. After this facial massage, I hold a small towel or cleansing cloth under warm, running water and wring it out
  4. This is my favourite part: I place the towel on my face and press it until it has cooled down a little. Absolute bliss!
  5. Then I gently wipe off the oil and rinse the towel again under hot running water. After that, I complete my evening routine with my favourite face mist, serum and face oil.


Some side notes:

Pick a cleansing oil that you really love so it’s a pleasure for you to use it every night. There are lighter and more nourishing cleansing oils available, obviously with different benefits. Pick one that matches your skin condition and e.g. helps to calm down inflammation. Some cleansing oils are essential oils and fragrance free which makes them great for super sensitive skins and others really bring the aromatherapy aspect into the game which is a blessing after a stressful day.

Make sure to wash the towel you are using regularly. If you have breakout prone skin, I recommend to change the towel daily.

Oil Cleansing can be done on its own or as first step in the double cleansing method.

Of course there is no one fits all cleansing method. It really depends on the current skin condition, varies by season and even can be situational depending on if you have been wearing make-up, been to the gym etc. So besides personal preference, the method and products should depend on what your skin needs. Give it a shot and experience the soft and smooth feeling after cleansing with oil and feel free to send us an email in case you are not sure which oil cleanser is the right one for you.

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