Free your skin with The Glow! This young skin care brand from Munich has found a new home in Zurich. Anita, the founder is well-known for DYI skin care and has published several books about making your own skin care at home. She has launched her natural skin care brand The Glow a couple of months ago.


Ultra Pure

The beautiful pure and organic line consists of 5 mostly vegan products that can be mixed and matched according to the needs of the skin. This makes them suitable for any skin condition and is the perfect approach for anyone who likes to individualise on a needs basis. Thereby the products can even be mixed together to create a mask or an emulsion.

These natural products are made of finest, cold-pressed plant oils, healing plant butters, hydrosols and botanical ingredients that have been organically sourced or foraged. The focus of The Glow has been laid on ingredients that provide the skin with most benefits.

All products are free from

  • synthetic ingredients of any kind
  • artificial fragrances and colorants
  • mineral oil derivatives
  • silicones
  • harmful preservatives
  • aluminium salts
  • microplastic
  • carcinogenic substances
  • hormone-imitating substances


You can find the range of The Glow products online and to try and purchase at the mooi store at Lochergut.

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