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Plant oils have been known to be beneficial for hair and body since a long time. A little less known is the fact that they are also fantastic for the face. So let’s talk about what makes them so amazing. One of the reasons is that their molecular structure is very similar to our skins own one. This makes them very easy to absorb and help our skin to lock in moisture and balance sebum production better. High-quality oils are noncomedogenic and do not feel greasy on the skin. I have started to use face oils myself some years ago and now they are one of my all time favourite skin care products.

Pure plant oils are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids that support the skin in its ability to heal itself. This makes them ideal for inflamed, dry or irritated skin. They also help to strengthen the natural skin barrier and by doing so, even help protect against UV rays. But careful, some oils can increase sensitivity to sunlight – so make sure to wear your sunscreen daily.


Which oil has what properties


Important is to look out for the right oil matching your skin condition. A little summary of the properties of the most common oils can be found below:

Rosehip: anti-ageing, repairing, improving skin elasticity, brightening properties = great against scarring and sun damage, moisturizing, balancing, for healthy and radiant skin.

Jojoba: great for inflamed or sensitive skin due to its soothing properties, ideal for rebalancing sebum overproduction, strengthening the skin barrier, healing properties, great for skin that is out of balance or also acne-prone skin.

Argan: nourishing without being greasy, ideal for dry or mature skin, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, low comedogenic rating, quite high in oleic acids which might make it too rich for acne-prone skin but this really depends.

Tamanu: stimulates the growth of skin cells and new tissue, perfect for dry and sensitive skin as well as skin suffering from eczema or acne, supports wound-healing.

Prickly Pear Seed: great anti-ageing properties make it ideal for dry or mature skin, regenerative properties, helps cell renewal, as it is quite expensive in production it is often used in eye serums.

As no one body or skin are the same, it is important to try which face oil suits your needs best.

If you have questions or would like to try and – also very important – smell the different oils, we have a wide range of beautiful, cold-pressed and organically sourced oils as well as powerful oil blends that are also available online and can be ordered to try in our sample sets.

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