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These beauty tools have been hyped on social media: face rollers made of gemstones. Mostly they are made of jade or rose quartz, two stones with different properties. Jade is said to have an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect, thus fighting diseases and attracting happiness. Rose quartz, on the other hand, is a healing stone that has a cleansing effect. It is said to promote love and self-love, strengthen confidence, reduce stress and increase emotional balance. Both have in common that they have a cooling effect whereby rose quartz is said to have a greater cooling properties.


What can a face roller do?

The gentle massage stimulates the blood circulation, which produces a natural glow. It also supports the formation of collagen, which in turn reduces fine lines and improves the skin’s resistance. The lymphatic system, which is responsible for the detoxification of the body, is supported by the massage which supports the removal of harmful substances. Tension in the jaw can be loosened and the cooling properties of the gemstones can help with headaches. Even sinus problems can be relieved. Especially in the morning, swollen eyes can be minimized with the face rollers, as the massage supports the removal of moisture and the cooling also minimizes swelling. There is no danger of massaging the skin too firmly as long as you only use the stones’ own weight and do not exert any additional pressure. The gemstone rollers are therefore perfect to easily bring a little more “me time” and relaxation into your daily beauty routine.

The application is very easy: if you prefer you can put the face roller in the fridge to increase the cooling effect. After use, simply rinse with clear water and dry off. The beauty rollers are also perfect for gently incorporating serums or facial oils into the skin. To do this, spray a toner onto the face after your cleanse, then apply the serum or oil and work in gently with the roller, always from the inside out and then upwards:


(picture via YÙ Beauty)


What to watch out for when buying your face roller?

Some face rollers tend to oxidize because the copper holder corrodes. There are some that have very wide holders, which makes them difficult to use under the eyes. Some of the inexpensive types also roll rather bumpy than smooth or tend to squeak, which is moderately relaxing. It is also important that the stones are genuine and of good quality and that they are mined and processed in a sustainable manner.

At mooi natural beauty you will find the wonderful face rollers from . Only the highest quality minerals are extracted and processed naturally. In addition, the beautiful and unbranded packaging of the face rollers and Gua Shas can be used for jewelry or other small items. A sustainable plus!

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